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Amplifier Circuits:  Buffers







300v Peak to Peak Signal Generator - This circuit converts a square wave signal to a +-150 volt output signal with fast 100nS rise and fall times.

50 Mhz, 250w Amplifier Using Push-Pull Arf448a/B - Application Note formerly Advanved Power Technology APT9702A

750 MHz Power Doubler & Push-Pull CATV Hybird Modules Using Gallium Arsenide 3/21/96  - Application Note California Eastern Laboratories Doc #920

A 50 Mhz, 250w Amplifier Using Push-Pull Arf448a/B - Application Note formerly Advanved Power Technology APT9702A

A Push-Pull 300-watt Amplifier for 81.36 MHz - This article describes a 300 watt amplifier for 81.36 MHz using a push-pull pair of plastic packaged devices. The design techniques and construction practices are described in enough detail to permit duplication of the amplifier. Application Note Microsemi-formerly Advanced Power Technology APT9801

AN-1111: an Introduction to IBIS - National Semiconductor Application Note  I/O Buffer Information Specification Modeling

AN-1222: AN-1222 Usbn9603/4: Increased Data Transfer Rate using Ping-Pong Buffering - National Semiconductor Application Note

AN-253: Find Op Amp Noise with Spreadsheet - AN-253 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-257: Careful Design Tames High Speed Op Amps - AN-257 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-329: Implementing an 8-Bit Buffer in COPS - National Semiconductor Application Note

AN-345: Grounding for Low-and-High-Frequency Circuits - AN-345 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-349: Keys to Longer Life for CMOS - AN-349 Analog Devices Application Notes. Here's How CMOS Can be Protected Against Abuse

AN-356: User's Guide to Applying & Measuring Operational Amplifier Specifications - AN-356 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-359: Settling Time of Operational Amplifiers - AN-359 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-581: Biasing & Decoupling Op Amps in Single Supply Applications - AN-581 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-649: Using the Analog Devices Active Filter Design Tool - AN-649 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-692: Universal Precision Op Amp Evaluation Board - AN-692 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-772: A Design & Manufacturing Guide for the Lead Frame Chip Scale Package - AN-772 Analog Devices Application Notes

Applications of Wide-Band Buffer Amplifiers - National Semiconductor Application Note

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