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Battery Testers







6v NMH/NiCd Battery Tester - I designed this circuit to test rechargeable six volt battery packs under constant current conditions.  As designed, the circuit applies a 10 amp load to the battery pack.  A heat sink must be used on the main power transistor. 

Battery Characterizer

Battery Simulator Provides Current Limiting  - EDN-Design Ideas: A constant-voltage active load can perform as a battery during  charge cycle. You can set  load voltage from 5 to 35V by using potentiometer PV and thus can simulate batteries ranging from 6 to 32V..

Button Battery Cell Internal Resistance Measurement Circuit - The open cell voltage of a small silver oxide button cell battery remains very close to 1.5 volts over most of the life of the cell.  However, there is a relationship between battery health and the internal resistance of the cell.  This circuit when used in conjunction with an oscilloscope will measure the internal resistance.  You will have to use a known good cell as a reference.

Constant Voltage Load Tests Battery Chargers - EDN-Design Ideas

Discharger - The reason I designed this discharger are many, however I will list a typical example. A modeller charges his batteries for 14 hrs, then goes to the field for a fly. He then rests for a week, then charges his batteries again for 14 hrs and flies again. The third time, he repeats the procedure, then wonders why his aircraft has a major argument with the runway. The problem with this method is that he is recharging a battery pack which after the first week, is in an unknown state of charge.

Discharger for Receiver Battery Packs

LED Battery Condition Indicator

Phantom Power Battery Test Circuit - LED will light when battery is over42 volts

Self-powered Fast Battery-Tester - Tests 1.5 to 15 Volt cells.  Two-LED display, no power supply required.

Simple but reliable car battery Tester

Simple Car Battery Charger psimages - This very simple circuit uses a transformer ,two diodes , a capacitor and an ammeter.  To charge a battery just connect  + and terminals of  circuit to  corresponding terminals of  battery.  When  battery is not charged,  ammeter reading shows 1-3 amps.

Simple car battery Tester - This circuit uses the popular and easy to find LM3914 IC. This IC is very simple to drive, needs no voltage regulators (it has a built in voltage regulator) and can be powered from almost every source…

Small Battery Capacity Tester - The only truly accurate way to measure the current capacity of a battery is by connecting the battery to a constant current load and measure how long the battery can sustain that current before its voltage drops below a recommended “cutoff” point. 

Solid state relays simplify monitoring electric car Battery Voltage - EDN-Design Ideas: Figure 1 shows the propulsion system of an electric vehicle. It includes an electric motor, drive electronics, a mechanical transmission, vehicle control/power management, a charging system, and a battery. The long-term performance of the electric vehicle depends on ensuring the electrical health of the battery and its charging system..

Test Batteries Without a Voltmeter - EDN-Design Ideas

Testing Sanyo's Ene loop Low Self-Discharge Rechargeable Battery

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