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Battery Monitors







12 Volt Battery Charge Monitor - Here is a battery monitor circuit which disconnects the load when the battery is discharged, preventing a deep discharge which could cause permanent battery damage. The battery is automatically reconnected when a battery charger or other DC source is connected across the load. Select a relay which requires less than 100ma coil current and with contacts capable of handling the load and charging..

12 Volt Lead Acid Battery Monitor - This simple circuit makes it possible to monitor  charging process to a higher level.

300 MHz  Prescaler & 30 MHz preamp for Little More Serious Frequency Meter  - A preamp that drives the CMOS counter input and a divide by 10 prescaler to extend the range…

9v Battery Voltage Monitor - This circuit turns on a LED whenever the voltage of a standard 9v battery connected to the circuit drops below 7.2 volts.  It uses a LTC1440 comparator, which also contains a 1.18v reference diode.  In standby mode, the circuit draws only 4uA.

A Battery Powered Lap Top Computer Power Supply - DN18  Design Notes (Linear Technology)

A Little More Serious Frequency Meter/CounterATtiny2313, AT90S2313 - Maximum input frequency is specified to be 30 MHz in the multi-chip configuration, and in single-chip configuration, there are both 5 MHz and 10 Mhz versions operating with 10 and 20 MHz crystals, respectively. All versions have 9 1/2 digit resolution.

A Pretty Good LC Meter Based on an AVR ATtiny2313, AT90S2313

AB-32/ Battery Charger Applications - Fairchild Application Notes

AB-33/ Battery Charger Applications - Fairchild Application Notes

AB-34/ Battery Charger Applications - Fairchild Application Notes

AN-4138/ Design Considerations for Battery Charger Using Green Mode Fairchild Power Switch FPStm - Fairchild Application Notes

Analog Circuit is Accurate Battery Fuel Gauge - Unpublished 10/98 Circuit acts as a fuel monitor for a rechargeable battery, typically NiCd or NiMH chemistries. Analog type needle output meter appears like an automobile gas gauge.

Automatic Power Off Circuit Saves Battery - EDN-Design Ideas

Battery Automatic Power Off has Simpler Design - EDN-Design Ideas. In low-noise analog circuits, a high-gain amplifier serves at  input to increase  SNR. The input signal level determines  input-stage gain; low-level signals require  highest gain. It is also standard practice in low-noise analog-signal processing to make  circuit's bandwidth as narrow as possible to pass only  useful input-signal spectrum.

Battery Charger Applications/ AB-32 - Fairchild Application Notes

Battery Charger Applications/ AB-33 - Fairchild Application Notes

Battery Charger Applications/ AB-34 - Fairchild Application Notes

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