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Amplifier Schematics - Variable Gain Circuits

1A Variable Regulated Power Supply - A 'must-have' for the experimenter.

2.x GHz WiMAX Direct Conversion Transmitter - AN-826 Analog Devices Application Notes

4-20 mA Digital-to-Process Current Transmitter - AN-21 Analog Devices Application Notes. Describes a 3 I.C. Digital to 4-20 mA Current Output Circuit (DAC08, REF01 and OP221)

A 2.x GHz WiMAX Direct Conversion Transmitter - AN-826 Analog Devices Application Notes

A Collection of Amp Applications - AN-106 Analog Devices Application Notes. Examines Some of  Numerous and Widely Used Applications of  Operational Amplifier

A Digitally Programmable Gain & Attenuation Amplifier Design - AN-137 Analog Devices App Notes

A User's Guide to I.C. Instrumentation Amplifiers - AN-244 Analog Devices Application Notes

AB-109: High Speed Precision Rectifier - AB-109 Analog Devices Application Notes. The low offsets and excellent load driving capability of  OP-27 are key advantages in this precision rectifier circuit.

AB-111: Single-Supply Wien Bridge Oscillator - AB-111 Analog Devices Application Notes. Wien Bridge Oscillators require only one op amp, important in battery-operation. This circuit operates from a single 9V battery.

AB-112: Single Resistor Controls Wien Bridge Oscillator Frequency - AB-112 Analog Devices Application Notes. Frequency control can be added to  conventional Wien Bridge Circuit by adding an op amp inverter.

AB-113: Precision Ramp Generator - AB-113 Analog Devices App Notes

AB-3: Digital Nulling of Precision Op Amps - AB-3 Analog Devices Application Notes

Accurately Testing Op Amp Settling Times - AN-256 Analog Devices Application Notes

An IC Amplifier Userís Guide to Decoupling, Grounding, & Making Things Go Right for a Change - AN-202 Analog Devices Application Notes.

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