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Audio Schematics - Preamplifiers Circuits

4.5 H. Magnetic P.B. Head PreAmplifier

Altec 1564A Preamp Power Supply

Altec 428B Microphone Preamplifier schematic

API 321 mic preamp schematic

Audio Pre-Amplifier

Audio PreAmplifier (Reconnsworld) - this is a very easy circuit to build, all parts can be found at the local electronics shop, no matter how worthless it (the local shop,) usually is..

Balanced Low Noise Microphone Preamp - very low noise, close to  oretical minimum, high hum rejection and variable gain with a single rotary pot, similar to that used in many professional grade mixing desks

Balanced Microphone Preamp

Band 2 PreAmplifier

Car PreAmplifier & Artificial Earth - Especially for car audio installations, can be used for any single supply system

Computer Microphone - circuit by Lazar Pancic  -  adapting electret microphone to soundcards with dynamic microphone inputs

Digital Quality Microphone Pre Ampl. using the Model 425 Opamp

Dual Mike Preamp power supply Gerber

Dynamic Microphone Preamp  - Notice how the transistor bias current flows through the microphone. A similar circuit can be used with an 8 ohm speaker but in that case you would put it in place of the emitter resistor.

Dynamic Microphone Preamplifier

ECM Mic Preamplifier  - A high quality preamp for electret mic inserts

Electret MIC Amplifier

FET Preamp Cable

FM Band PreAmplifier

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