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Amplifiers Circuits - Logarithmic Schematics

A Compact Algorithm using the ADXL202 Duty Cycle Output - AN-603 Analog Devices Application Notes

Algorithm Converts Random Variables to Normal - EDN-Design Ideas

Algorithm Evaluates Complex Fractions  - EDN-Design Ideas: The following algorithm uses rectangular-to-polar conversion to evaluate a complex fraction (one that includes imaginary numbers).

Algorithm Extracts Cube Root - EDN-Design Ideas

Algorithm Extracts Roots of Decimal Numbers - EDN-Design Ideas: "Algorithm extracts cube root" (EDN, Jan 15, 98, pg 100)covers only  one-third power (cube root). In contrast,  C routine in Listing 1 calculates  Kth root (X1/K)of positive decimal numbers X.

Algorithm Nulls DC Offsets in DSP - EDN-Design Ideas

Algorithm Tests for Point Location - EDN-Design Ideas

Algorithm Transforms Filter Coefficients - EDN-Design Ideas: To synsize infinite-impulse-response (IIR)-filter functions, expressed as H(z), you commonly use analog prototype-filter functions, expressed as H(s), using  bilinear-z transform. This operation entails some algebraic complexity in calculating  filter coefficients. The simple algorithm shown here transforms  prototype-filter coefficients (W0, W1, W2)to  IIR digital-filter coefficients (U0, U1, U2). These coefficients transform from  s (analog) domain to  z (digital) domain..

Algorithm Yields Precise Bessel Function - EDN-Design Ideas

An IC Amplifier Userís Guide to Decoupling, Grounding, & Making Things Go Right for a Change - AN-202 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-311: Theory & Applications of Logarithmic Amplifiers - National Semiconductor Application Note

AN-405: Increasing the Speed of the Output Response of the AD606 - AN-405 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-603: A Compact Algorithm using the ADXL202 Duty Cycle Output - AN-603 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-604: Using the ADXL202 Duty Cycle Output - AN-604 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN544: Math Utility Routines - Microchip Application Note

AN752: AN752 CRC Algorithm for Mcrf45x Read/Write Device - Microchip Application Note

AN788: Numerical Integration Techniques TC7109 - Microchip Application Note

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