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Amplifier Circuits - Differential Schematics

-/+-0.1V Differential Amplifier Circuit using Zero Threshold EPAD MOSFETs - This circuit presents a differential amplifier using Zero Threshold EPAD MOSFETs that operates on 1/- 0.1v supplies.  The schematic diagram is for a single amplifier stage Circuit Ideas for Designers Application Notes Advanced Linear Devices, Inc.

A Fully Differential Input Voltage Amplifier - National Semiconductor Application Note 

A Single Amplifier Precision High Voltage Instrument Amp - DN25  Design Notes (Linear Technology)

AC Coupling Instrumentation Amplifier Improves Rejection Range of Differential DC Input Voltage - EDN-Design Ideas: The need for conditioning low-level ac signals in  presence of both common-mode noise and differential dc voltage prevails in many applications. In such situations, ac-coupling to instrumentation and difference amplifiers is mandatory to extract  ac signal and reject common-mode noise and differential dc voltage.

Active Feedback IC Serves as Current Sensing Instrumentation Amplifier - EDN-Design Ideas:   High-speed current sensing presents a designer with some significant challenges. Most techniques for sensing current involve measuring  differential voltage  current produces as it flows.

Amplifier & Current Source Emulate Instrumentation Amplifier - EDN-Design Ideas

Amplifier removes common mode noise on RGB differential video transmission line - EDN-Design Ideas: Use a single operational amplifier to minimize common-mode signals' effects on differential-component-video receivers..

AN-202: An IC Amplifier User�s Guide to Decoupling, Grounding, & Making Things Go Right for a Change - AN-202 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-214: Ground Rules for High Speed Circuits - AN-214 Analog Devices Application Note. Layout and Wiring Are Critical in Video Converter Circuits.

AN-253: Find Op Amp Noise with Spreadsheet - AN-253 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-257: Careful Design Tames High Speed Op Amps - AN-257 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-282: Fundamentals of Sampled Data Systems - AN-282 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-345: Grounding for Low-and-High-Frequency Circuits - AN-345 Analog Devices Application Notes. Know Your Ground and Signal Paths for Effective Designs. Current Flow Seeks Path of Least Impedance-Not Just Resistance....

AN-347: Shielding & Guarding - AN-347 Analog Devices Application Notes. How to Exclude Interference-Type Noise. What to do and Why to do it-A Rational Approach

AN-356: User's Guide to Applying & Measuring Operational Amplifier Specifications - AN-356 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-357: Operational Integrators - AN-357 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-358: Noise & Operational Amplifier Circuits - AN-358 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-359: Settling Time of Operational Amplifiers - AN-359 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-581: Biasing & Decoupling Op Amps in Single Supply Applications - AN-581 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-584: Using the AD813X Differential Amplifier - AN-584 Analog Devices Application Notes. The AD813x differs from conventional op amps by  external presence of an additional input and output. The additional input, VOGM, controls  output common mode voltage.

AN-589: Ways to Optimize the Performance of a Difference Amplifier - AN-589 Analog Devices Application Notes. This Application Note presents several ways to build and optimize  performance of a discrete difference amplifier. It also recommends amplifiers that will make  overall solution cost/performance competitive with monolithic instrument amplifiers.

AN-646: Universal Evaluation Board for High Speed Op Amps-Single in SOIC Package - AN-646 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-647: Universal Evaluation Board for High Speed Op Amps-Dual SOIC Package - AN-647 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-648: Universal Evaluation Board for High Speed Op Amps-Dual in MSOP package - AN-648 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-649: Using the Analog Devices Active Filter Design Tool - AN-649 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-692: Universal Precision Op Amp Evaluation Board - AN-692 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-772: A Design & Manufacturing Guide for the Lead Frame Chip Scale Package - AN-772 Analog Devices Application Notes.

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