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Wind Speed Direction Monitors
Anemometer Schematics

Anemometer Circuit - A totally Electronic circuit to measure Air Flow Zero to 250 feet per Minute.  Thats only 2.84 MPHBut it can be Modified for other Rates of Air Flow

Homemade Easter Egg Anemometer - In any wind generator installation, it's critical to be able to measure wind speed. That gives you a baseline against which to measure your machine's performance, and anemometers respond much more quickly to changes in wind speed than do wind generators.

Low cost anemometer fights dust - EDN-Design Ideas:  As higher levels of power dissipation underscore the need for cooling, more and more fans are finding their way into small electronic enclosures. The dust that fans pull into these enclosures can, however, cause major problems for high-reliability systems. By coating heat sinks and electrically charged components, the dust acts as a blanket that raises the effective thermal impedance betwee...

PCB for Dan Fink's Anemometer

Self Heated Transistor Digitizes AirfLow - EDN-Design Ideas

Transistor and FVCs Make Linear Anemometer - EDN-Design Ideas:  The basic operation of this front-end sensor is identical to that of the earlier circuit. Q1 is the self-heated airflow sensor; Q2 senses ambient temperature. Zero-adjust resistor R2 sets the zero-airflow quiescent bias currents for Q1 and Q2. With proper adjustment of R2, the temperature rise of Q1 from its collector power

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