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Additional Features in 8052

8052 Microcontroller Tutorial
Introduction to 8052

Author: Craig Steiner

Book: The 8051/8052 Microcontroller:
         Architecture, Assembly Language, And Hardware Interfacing (Paperback)


The 8052 microcontroller is the 8051's "big brother." It is a slightly more powerful microcontroller, sporting a number of additional features which the developer may make use of:

  • 256 bytes of Internal RAM (compared to 128 in the standard 8051).
  • A third 16-bit timer, capable of a number of new operation modes and 16-bit reloads.
  • Additional SFRs to support the functionality offered by the third timer.

That's really about all there is to the difference between the 8051 and 8052. The remainder of this tutorial will explain these additional features offered by the 8052, and how they are used within user programs. Throughout this tutorial, it is assumed that you already have read the 8051 Tutorial and have a thorough understanding of it.

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