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8051/8052 Microcontroller Tutorial

8051 / 8052 Microcontroller Instruction Set :
ANL - Bitwise AND

Operation: ANL
Function: Bitwise AND
Syntax: ANL operand1, operand2


Instructions OpCode Bytes Cycles Flags
ANL iram addr,A 0x52 2 1 None
ANL iram addr,#data 0x53 3 2 None
ANL A,#data 0x54 2 1 None
ANL A,iram addr 0x55 2 1 None
ANL A,@R0 0x56 1 1 None
ANL A,@R1 0x57 1 1 None
ANL A,R0 0x58 1 1 None
ANL A,R1 0x59 1 1 None
ANL A,R2 0x5A 1 1 None
ANL A,R3 0x5B 1 1 None
ANL A,R4 0x5C 1 1 None
ANL A,R5 0x5D 1 1 None
ANL A,R6 0x5E 1 1 None
ANL A,R7 0x5F 1 1 None
ANL C,bit addr 0x82 2 1 C
ANL C,/bit addr 0xB0 2 1 C

Description: ANL does a bitwise "AND" operation between operand1 and operand2, leaving the resulting value in operand1. The value of operand2 is not affected. A logical "AND" compares the bits of each operand and sets the corresponding bit in the resulting byte only if the bit was set in both of the original operands, otherwise the resulting bit is cleared.

See Also: ORL, XRL, Instruction Set

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